Why are there so few old calendars availabile to use in 2024?
It's a magical time: Summer olympics, US Presidential election... 2024 is a leap year! As a result, the calendar match-ups are less frequent.

What do you mean I can re-use calendars? This one ended December 31, 2019.
As it turns out, the annual calendar cycle is pretty predictable and the days of the week repeat every few years. This means that all of the days of the week match up, including possible leap days. Many if not most holidays will match up, too.

But what about the lunar cycle?
Okay, so you have us there. Certain events like daylight saving changeover and lunar events may not match the current year. Why do you care so much about lunar phase, anyway? Are you some sort of werewolf?

This is ever so clever! When is your IPO?
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